skA red tie by any other color would smell as sweet

Solid red necktie with texture

Those famous lines by the great bard, used for hundreds of years, still ring true today. There is something about a red tie that really brings things into focus. The color invokes passion, decisiveness, a man in charge. It has been used by countless politicians, business leaders, pundits in everything from the highest economic questions to Monday Night Football analysis. You rarely see someone in a clean red tie that doesn’t have his back straight and his commentary narrowly focused on important issues.

The red tie has wool and linen tie cousins

linus-nc1That being said, the times we live in are more flexible and open. A pink tie has been seen on a politician or two, even a sports pundit has seen with pink freshening up the plain blue shirt he wears everyday. Even the red tie has grown up. There are new twists, with red wool ties providing some depth to people that want to show more character and linen red ties that tend towards pink that lend a relaxed feeling to the classic red tie approach.

Let’s review three situations that are classics for the red necktie:

  1. The board meeting. If it’s time to get some big decisions made, or push your latest ideas, projects or whatever you are trying to get done out there. The red necktie is the best wingman you can have. You should have more than one in your closet if you do this often. Rotate to keep things fresh.
  2. Joining a new firm. It’s the first day, you can dress down later and make some friends. First, set the tone. A red tie is not scary, you don’t need to come off as a jerk, but it will lay the foundation for you being taken seriously. Break out the pink tie during week two. It will be a perfect way to open up.
  3. Red ties are not only for getting other people to notice you. They are also a great way to remind yourself what you want to get done. If you need to get focused and be on top of your game, grab a red tie and let it remind you to stay on top of your game all day.

There are times when we would stay away from a red tie. Here are two:

  • Time to let someone go or to tell the team something they don’t want to hear. This is a tough moment. Use a more neutral blue tie or maybe even try one of our brown neckties. They lend a more subtle feeling to whatever you need to say.
  • When you are moving on the red tie can burn some bridges. It signals that you are happy to get out of there. We have burnt our share of bridges in the past. Just don’t do it.

Spread the red tie out

There are a lot of options when it comes to red ties so here are is a quick look at a few types out there. There is a classic red with big stripes tie. This is often referred to as the power tie. We have a favorite power tie here at Tieroom, it’s called Abraham. Look through our red tie section to find these and other types of red ties.

Red and blue striped necktie
Small stripes are nice too

But the variation here is huge. Check out the difference when you try thiner stripes. A red and blue striped necktie with thin stripes feels more relaxed, more room for character, than the classic thick striped ties. We suggest trying different patterns here to see what you prefer.

red checkered necktie
Perfect necktie for a picnic

Patterns have a huge affect.. This red checkered necktie with a white base is a great way to get red into a more relaxed style. It looks as good in a formal setting as at a spring picnic.

So remember, it’s your style. Try a few different versions out. The wool and linen are a great way to expand your look.

Thanks for reading!