Christmas is almost here so we figured we’d help out with a few ideas on what you can put under the tree.

With over 1200 products you should find something for everyone. But, if you just don’t know what to get we have set up a few special deals that we think could be perfect gifts.

Two packages consisting of a sweet little kit to put under the tree. Then we have a gift that will keep on giving all next year.

You can place you christmas order as late as Wednesday December 18th and still get it delivered by December 23rd.

gift 1 – Neckwear 101 – from $65

Get at jump start into the wonderful world of man’s favourite accessories with this perfect little mix.

  • 1x bow tie
  • 1x necktie
  • 2x handkerchiefs

To buy this package simply choose any bow tie, necktie and two handkerchiefs and put them in your shopping cart. Then enter code neckwear101 in the cart.

If you want us to put together a perfect mix, just drop an email with age and style of the recipient and we’ll make it happen.

With all products in silk the package starts at $65, a few $ more if you choose linen or wool.

gift 2 – Three shades of necktie – from $80

This packages is a smorgasbord of quality materials. From our shiny silk, to our classy wool and finally the more uncommon but very special linen. Top it of with a handy handkerchief.

  • 1x silk necktie
  • 1x wool necktie
  • 1x linen necktie
  • 1x silk handkerchief

To buy this package simply choose a product form each category and put it in your shopping cart. Then enter code threeshades in cart.

Again, we will happily put together a suitable package for you, just email us.

This package is $80 with a silk handkerchief but you are free to choose another material or add more products.

gift 3 – Subscribe to style – from $105

If you really want to make someone happy, not only now but again and again, this is the package to go for. Every month we select one of our finest ties of the moment and ship to the happy recipient.

  • 6x Bow tie subscription
    6 months – $105
  • 12x Bow tie subscription
    12 months – $199
  • 6x Necktie subscription
    6 months – $119
  • 12x Necktie subscription
    12 months – $229

Buy this package by heading over to Style Subscription and choosing the package you want. When checking out enter your address as billing address and the gift’s recipient’s address as shipping address. We will ship you the first product so you can present it personally for christmas. The following products will be shipped to the gift’s recipient. Email us if you’d prefer another setup.

All orders get a free necktie cleaning tissue.

Neckties and handkerchiefs come in a protective fitted plastic cover. The bow ties come in boxes. Orders are when possible wrapped in silk paper. Packing slip with price and details is placed outside of the wrapping.

We can ship directly to the recipient and even add a hand written note. Just email us with the details once you have placed your order.

All recipients are free to exchange their gifts all the way up to end of February 2014.

Merry Christmas!!